Hey guys. I really hope you’re doing well, but I didn’t become an internationally-bestselling anti-guru by not having my finger on the pulse of my readership, and I am telling you: it’s crazy out there.

A note on the title

This is a book about anxiety — from the white noise of what-ifs to the white-hot terror of a full-blown crisis. As such, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m the world’s biggest asshole for titling it as I have, since everyone knows that the first entry on a long list of Unhelpful Things to Say to a Person Experiencing Anxiety is “Calm the fuck down.”


I’d like to kick things off with a few questions:

Shit happens

Boy, does it. And when I think about all the shit that could or probably will happen to me on any given day, I’m reminded of a lyric from departed musical genius and spiritual gangsta, the one, the only, Prince (RIP):

Image by KC Green

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