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sarah knight
2 min readJan 18, 2021

Hi folks, Sarah here. WHAT. A. YEAR. I know everything sucked in 2020 and much of it continues to suck right up unto this very day, but I’m hoping to alleviate a teeny-tiny bit of your anxiety, angst, and/or ennui with my latest venture: The No F*cks Given Podcast.

The No F*cks Given Podcast is available anywhere you care to listen to it. I’m not picky.

Yup. It’s me and a microphone (and, fear not, a team of experienced producers) bringing HOT HOT #NFG CONTENT to your device of choice every Tuesday in 2021. The No F*cks Given Podcast is available on any streaming service you use, and if it’s not available, just tell me and I’ll remedy that post haste.

You can listen to the cool 2-minute trailer HERE.

You can also subscribe to the podcast HERE, and if you do that, Episode 1 will get delivered to you as soon as it lands on January 26th.

You can listen, subscribe, AND get all the show notes and everything else your little heart desires on my website, right HERE.

So that’s what YOU can do.

For MY part, I’m doing my level best to make this show fun, funny, and above all, useful.

Episode 1 is all about my NotSorry Method and what it means to give (or not give) a fuck — and when/why/how you should (and shouldn’t) do it — and it just gets better from there. In Season 1, we’ll do a deep dive into “mental decluttering,” and I’ll talk about making a Fuck Budget and setting goals and managing anxiety and curbing guilt, and along the way I promise to deliver all kinds of practical strategies for living your best life, including in S1, Ep 3, which is all about SAYING NO, STICKING TO IT, AND BEING HEARD.

Whomst among us, amirite?

I’m also launching what I call an “audio advice column.” Listeners can send me questions and I’ll respond to a big batch of them once a month on the podcast, in my most no-fucks-given, no-holds-barred style. The “You Asked For It!” segment debuts on February 16th and you can submit questions to or through my website HERE.

Join me! Otherwise I’m just nattering into the void!

And please feel free to tell your friends, because if there’s anything I know, it’s that people who listen to podcasts loooooooove telling other people about the podcasts they listen to. I’m not shy about getting in on that.

Until January 26th, I’m Sarah Knight. No fucks given, not sorry.

Listen to the No F*cks Given Podcast trailer HERE.

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