Congrats! Here’s how to do it without losing your goddamn mind.

Recently, the New York Times and Publishers Marketplace reported on the latest crisis facing the book industry — a paper, labor, and facility shortage that forced publishers to scramble to print enough hardcover books to meet demand, and even to push out the pub dates of some January 2019 books in order to ease the burden on binderies.

5 tips for not losing your goddamn mind when you have a book coming out

  • You could finagle a speaking gig with your college alumni association.
  • You could make a concerted effort to befriend other authors and help them publicize their books to be a good literary citizen and also so they will one day be inclined to help you with same.
  • You could ask your friends, family, and social media followers to post online reviews (WHICH YOU WILL NOT READ), to boost word-of-mouth.
  • You could take a nice bath.
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